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It only costs £3 and takes a matter of minutes, but what exactly do you get when you carry out a vehicle check with Well here’s the lowdown on the sort of information you can expect to receive about the car you are interested in.

My Text Check – HPI Style Used Car Data

For a start, you’ll get all the basic details about the vehicle (car or motorbike) in question. These include the make, model, colour, transmission type, the year it was made, engine size and the vehicle’s ownership history.

The check will also be able to tell if you the car’s colour has been changed at any point. Even with this basic information, you’ll be able to tell if the car you have been looking at matches the description obtain from

We are DVLA and DVLNI approved, so you can be certain that the information you are receiving is accurate and reliable.

Is the vehicle a write-off or right on?

Let’s face it, if a dealer or private seller is trying to offload a car, chances are they aren’t going to let you know of the any past damage to the vehicle.

However, when with a car HPI check from, you’ll be able to find out if a carry has been damaged or even declared as written off by an insurance company.

Working closely with car insurance providers, we are able let potential purchaser know the extent of any damage and what decision an insurer has reached based on that damage.

And those decisions aren’t simply a case of whether to dump a car or not, they can fall into a number of different areas:

*1: The car and all parts must be crushed.

*2: The car’s shell must be crushed, although parts may be removed prior to this course of action. The vehicle is not permitted to return to the road.

*3: An insurer may conclude that the car isn’t worth repairing because of the extent of the damage incurred. However, the car may still be fixed and put back onto the road.

*4: The insurer may decide they aren’t going to authorise repairs, but the vehicle may still be in a suitable condition whereby the necessary repairs can made it in order to return it to the road.

*5: The insurer has concluded that fire damage to car means they will not repair it.

*Theft: In the event of the vehicle being stolen, the insurer will pay out the owner for their loss. If the car is later founder, the insurer will become the owner of the vehicle. If the stolen vehicle is sold to a customer who is unaware it is stolen, the car will be taken off its new owner if it is discovered to have been reported stolen.

The * indicates that before any new registration documents can be issued by the DVLA, a VIC check must take place.

Where there is an *, a VIC check must be carried out before any new registration documents can be provided by the DVLA for the vehicle.

If you have your eye on a car which is covered by any of those descriptions, this information will be uncovered in an HPI check.

Does the VRM and VIN/chassis number match up?

Try as someone might to change the look of car, the Vehicle can always be identified using the Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or chassis number as it is often referred to.

These are numbers which are unique to that vehicle and it is that code which will allow you to see if the car you are checking matches the details which the DVLA and DVLNI hold.

Unscrupulous sellers can try and change the colour of a car to hid a dubious past and they can even change the VIN, but if that number isn’t consistent with the VRM when a HPI check is carried, then alarm bells should start to ring.

Does my text check include a vehicle registration check?

Some cars have a lot on their plate and owners may change a car’s registration number for a number of reasons. A HPI text check will allow you to see whether any previous owners have change decided to change the plates on a car and why.

Chances are that those reasons are quite innocent. The most common reason for changing vehicle plates is if an owner wants to have plates which contain some part of their name or a word that is important to them.

If they sell the car and the new owner isn’t keen on the personalised plates, they may change them again. If a vehicle’s plates have been changed a number of times, it’s probably for a valid reason, however, by carrying out a HPI, you’ll be able to see if there is a more questionable motive for altering the registration number.

Peruse the cars paperwork to make sure everything’s in order

Some people will go to great lengths to sell a dodgy motor. Some will even fake the paperwork in an attempt to put your mind at ease. All car should have a V5 registration document. But how do you know if the one the seller is showing you is authentic?

A text check will give you the issue date and serial number of the V5 form. You’ll then be able to check it against the documents the seller is showing you.

A text check will secure the right details

If someone tries to sell a car which is on a security watch programme, then they are breaking the law. A text check will let you know if a vehicle is under such surveillance.

You should not buy a car which is on a security watch programme.

Inspect a used car’s history

Even if a car has been declared a total loss by an insurer, it can still be fixed up and returned to the road. However, if this is the case, then the car must undergo an independent structural examination. Such an examination will decide if the vehicle is roadworthy or not.

You can find out if an independent structural examination has taken place and what its conclusions were with the help of text car check.

Uncovering stolen goods

With the assistance of the Police National Computer, can tell whether a car has been reported stolen or not.

What’s the car really worth?

Find out with We’ll be able to provide you with the most accurate valuation of any car, allow you tell whether the seller’s asking price is too. In any case, it’s always advisable to haggle for the best price you can get.

Do go in blind when buying a new car. It’s easy to get information you need on any car thanks to

All you have to do is text the word CHECK followed by the registration number of the vehicle to 78888. – HPI Style Used Car Data