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Homework – you may have thought you left that behind in school, but when it comes to buying a used car or motorbike, it’s every bit as essential to ensure you don’t get ripped off.

HPI Checks – Do your homework to protect your pocket

Buying blind can be risky and if you don’t know exactly what you’re spending your money on, you could be in for a few nasty surprises later on.  You’ll only have to part with a few quid to get the lowdown on any prospective purchase thanks to and it only takes a few minutes too.

You’ll get the vehicle’s full history and any other interesting information which will help you make an informed decision about which car to splash the cash on.

All you have to do is text CHECK and the vehicle’s registration number to 78888. This will allow you to have a host of information literally at your fingertips.

A comprehensive HPI check for £3 is a small price to pay for the peace of mind of knowing that everything about the car you are about to buy is above board.

And that’s not all because once you get a car text check with us, you’ll be able to access our UK-wide phone support system meaning if you have any problems, just drop us a line

A HPI check with will supply you with 70 unique pieces of information about the vehicle.

Has the original colour been changed? Has it ever been reported stolen? How many miles are on it? Who are the previous owners? Has it ever been declared a write off? The answers to these, and many other questions, are just a simple text message away.

HPI Check – Is the car you’re buying stolen?

With the help of the Police National Computer, can let you know if the car you are checking has been previously reported stolen.

If you inadvertently buy a stolen car, you will be hit with a double whammy. You’ll first of all lose the car, as it will have to be returned to its rightful owner, and there’ll be little chance of you getting your money back from the unscrupulous seller.

That’s why it’s so important to get a text check carried out on any vehicle you may be considering buying. can sniff out a cloned car

See what a car is hiding by carrying out a quick HPI check thanks to A seller may attempt to pass off cloned car as a legitimate vehicle.

Cars which have their appearance altered because they have been reported stolen are known as cloned. They can be painted a different colours or have other modifications carried out on them. However, you will be able to tell from the chassis/VIN number the real history of a car. If the car that number describes doesn’t match the one you have your eye on, chances are everything isn’t above board.

If you buy a stolen car, pleading ignorance is not going to help. You’ll lose the car and the money you spent on it. Avoid this by carrying out a HPI check with

A Text HPI Check will tell you if the cars been written off

You wouldn’t judge a book by its cover, so you shouldn’t make up your mind about a car from a first glance.

If a car has been previously written off by an insurance company and then fixed up with the intention of selling it on, then there could be serious safety implications for the buyer.

First of all, there’s no way of verifying the standard of any work carried out on the written off vehicle. Shoddy work could not only put you and your passenger in danger, it could also be unsafe for other road users.

In order to uncover any dark secrets, you should carry out a HPI check to find out if the car has been written off. Around half-a-million cars are written off by insurance companies every year in the UK. The vast majority with end up in scrap yards, but many are fixed up and sold to an unsuspecting public.

Text Check out a car’s background on the go

Get the lowdown on any car anywhere with our mobile app. Once you have the car’s registration number and VIN number, you can have all the necessary information sent to your phone in a matter of minutes.

You can perform checks on numerous vehicles and store them away for future reference. allowing you to compare them based on a range of criteria.

Text CHECK followed by the car’s registration number to 78888 and you’ll have all you need to know about the vehicle. Then you can go in with your eyes open when it comes to making the big decision.