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What is HPI?

For many people, used car checks and the term HPI go hand in hand. Although it may now have become a widely-used term for car checks, HPI was actually set up over 80 years ago in a bid to tackle fraud connected with vehicle financing.

A number of the UK’s biggest financial institutions got together in the 1930s to form the HPI, and now that acronym has become a by-word for the close scrutiny of all aspects of a car’s history.

After the Second World War, the police found that information collected by HPI checks was also helpful in tracking down stolen cars which were being sold to an unsuspecting public.

Around 30 years ago, more detailed information was included in the information the HPI group held on each vehicle, such as whether the car had been declared an insurance write-off or been involved in an accident. Shortly after that, the details of how many miles a car had done were also included, thanks to information gathered from the National Mileage Register.

Nowadays, HPI is a worldwide company, owned by the Solera group. However, a HPI check is still a standard term for carrying out a check on a used car, such is the strength of the brand name – a bit like Hoover.

There are other companies in the UK which carry checks on used cars such as the RAC, the AA, AutoCheck and MyCarCheck

Car checks with these companies don’t come cheap, however, and so the best way to get a comprehensive, yet affordable used car check is to use

For just £3, you can delve into the history of a huge number of vehicles before you’ve even set foot in a showroom or dealership.

It’ll prevent you be hit with an nasty surprises further down the line and only takes a few minutes.

Can’t I get a free HPI Check?

With almost a third of all used car hiding a damaging secret, doing a background check is essential. However, they don’t come for free and some of the bigger companies such as the RAC and AA can charge up to £30 for a HPI check.

For just a tenth of that, can provide you with all the details you need on any vehicle, ensuring shopping for a used car is risk-free.

Just a few quid can put your mind at ease when it comes to perusing used car magazines or having a browse round a dealership.

All you have to do is Text CHECK followed by the car’s registration number to 78888 and you’ll be armed with all the information you need on any used car.

Don’t let a car’s murky past come back to haunt you.

Get a HPI Check & Free Used Car Data at

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