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Cars can change over the years, some may have a few different registration numbers and others may have the odd paint job or two to change the colour.  But there is one thing which will never change about a car and that’s the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), otherwise known as the chassis number.

That’s why the VIN can always tell you if the car you are checking is everything it seems. The DVLA hold the chassis number of all vehicles on their files. To see if the VIN of the car you are checking matches the description you have of the vehicle takes a few simple steps.

Checking the VIN/chassis no. for used cars:

1. Text the word CHECK followed by the car’s registration number to 78888.

2. You will then be furnished with a wealth of information about the car. The next step is to test the VIN or chassis number to 78888.

3. will check to see if the VIN is consistent with the DVLA’s date on the vehicle.

Your initial text check will give you the VIN/Chassis number and therefore, you can use to verify the car’s authenticity.

You can’t perform a search with just the VIN, you will always need the car’s registration number as well, that’s why you need to do a follow up search to check if the information the DVLA hold on the vehicle is the same as the car you are looking at in a magazine or car showroom.

Did you know that around one third of used car has something in its past which a seller may not want you to know about? Uncover a car’s history with a quick and easy check from

All you have to do is text CHECK and the car’s registration number to 78888. The first check costs just £3, but a second text to check the VIN is free.

Get the lowdown on any used car today.

VIN/Chassis Number Checks at

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