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Getting the lowdown on any car or bike couldn’t be easier, or faster, thanks to A quick text and you can have a whole host of details about any vehicle straight away.

HPI Checks at

Learn important information about a car’s history with a comprehensive HPI check, whether you’re a serious buyer or just curious to find out about but more about your own car.

We draw information from a wide range of sources, including the Police National Computer, insurance providers, manufacturers and other areas of the motor industry.

So when you receive a full HPI check direct to your phone or mobile device, you know you can trust the information you’re getting.

It costs very little time and money to find out everything you need to know about any vehicle. Just £3 and a few minutes of your time will help you garner the vital details about the car you have your eye on.

That doesn’t seem like much when you consider that not carrying out a check on a car could lead to greater hassle – and expense – further down the line when the car’s murky past comes back to haunt you.

HPI Checks – Why use

Buying a car can be a huge financial commitment, and not one which you should enter in lightly. That’s why it’s always advisable to get as much information on any potential purchase as you can.

Unfortunately, you can’t just take the seller’s word for it when he tells you that everything is okay with the car. You’ll always need a second opinion as there could be some things the seller is keeping hidden from you.

With a quick HPI check through, you’ll be able to find out if a car has been reported stolen, previously involved in an accident, has money owed on it in the form of a loan or other finance agreement or if it has been declared a write off by an insurance company.

If you are interested in finding out how much the car is really worth, we can also provide you with a five-figure CAP Black Book valuation for an extra fee.

Used Car Value – How much is it worth? use car pricing specialists CAP to deliver you accurate vehicle valuations. The CAP Black Book allows you to get the best indication of how much a car is worth. We will supply you with a CAP valuation, all you have to do is give us the make, model and mileage of the car.

HPI Checks – What details does my Text Check give?

Just one simple text can give you access to a wealth of information on any car. All you need is the car’s registration number.

Included in your check will be information about the vehicle’s mileage and performance. You’ll also find out if the car has had a facelift along the way, that is whether the colour has been altered from its original state or if the registrations plates have also been changed.

You can find out whether the car has been declared scrap, written off or reported stolen. We are able to provide you with this information because of our access to the DVLA and Police National Computer. If a car has any outstanding finance attached to it, a text check will be able to uncover this and we liaise with the credit specialists Experian to deliver this information to you.

For a fast, accurate and reliable car check, text the word CHECK followed by the registration number of the vehicle to 78888.

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